Backwater Kerala – A Dream Come True Experience

Backwaters in Kerala are the most important attractions for the visitors among the world. Kerala is beautiful state located in the southern most part of the India. The whole of the state is interconnected with well water bodies like narrow canals, brackish lagoons, gorgeous rivers, inlets, serene backwaters and stunning beaches all lying parallel to the beautiful Arabian Sea. The backwater is mostly favored by the couples on their honeymoon celebration and among the other visitor’s also. Kerala with bliss ambiance nature and multiples of scintillating attractions easily entices the tourists from every nook and corner of the world.

Kerala Houseboat

The tranquil backwaters of Kerala are truly wonder and 1001 attractions to see and explore in the whole world. The backwater offers a journey to heaven as it passes along scenic beauty of the nature offering a peace of mind to the visitors.

Alleppey is the major backwater Kerala destination which will give you splendid memories and offer you a peace of mind far from the hustle and bustle of city.

Alleppey lovingly Known as the Allappuzha is very renowned city in Kerala stunning beach, snake boat race, lush paddy fields, coir industry and many teams up offering the visitors a lot enjoyment. The backwater is famous amongst them all. This backwater is situated near the Kuttanad region. Alleppey is also called as the Venice of the East, once you enroll yourself to the backwater here surely your heart will get rob as the well organized houseboat passes through canals of palm fringed tree, along the lush paddy fields, it also offers the visitors wide varieties of wildlife which can be closely seen along the backwaters. The commonly water species seen are the fish, frog, turtles, crab, mudskipper, etc which are really be enjoyed by the visitors. Truly the memories and the treasure moment with the Alleppey backwater tour will remain and will linger in your heart till eternity.

The visitors also love to spend their leisure time on the beach of Alleppey, the national snake boat race which is held annually also attract great deal of visitors in Alleppey.

Kerala Tours

The Alleppey houseboat is also one of the main attractions for the visitors in backwater tour. The Kettuvallam (local name for the houseboats) is also referred as a mobile home which floats on the serene backwater. The houseboats offer a luxury stay as it offers all the modern amenities which is offered by a five star hotels.  The Kettuvallam consists of a luxurious bedroom with T.V, DVD and other liked entertainment by the visitors. It also consist of attach hygienic bathroom and toilets, Kitchen with a chef cocking some special delicacies for the visitors of their choice. The houseboat also offers sun deck from where the viewers can view the sun rise and sun set and other natural beauties sitting leisurely and sipping cup of tea.    

Kerala houseboat tours will offer you a unique experience that you can hardly treasure in any other tourist places in India. So come and enjoy holidays over this scenic wonderment cruising on a houseboat which you will love to share with your dear ones with much joy and pride. 

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